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This set of Reading Prose Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Reading Prose Set 4

Q1 | Who said at human mind is like a blank slate upon which experience makes is imprint?
Q2 | “The Spirit of Laws” was written by …………………………
Q3 | “All the great modern ideas have their commencement in Montesquieu” who said this?
Q4 | Letters Persaneswas a significant work by ……………………..
Q5 | “I salute you, I love You, I revere you” to whom Diderot pay this compliment?
Q6 | According to Will and Ariel Durant, who formed “the profane trio”?
Q7 | Who wrote Emile?
Q8 | The Critique of Pure Reason was a seminal work by ……………….
Q9 | “Liberty of action and thought alone is capable of producing great things and liberty requiresenlightenment to preserve it from excess” Who affirms this?
Q10 | Who wrote the novel La Religieuse(The Nun)?
Q11 | “In future people will look from afar at the universal head with mingled admiration andastonishment…”Whom did Rousseau eulogize saying this?
Q12 | “We are tempted to regard him as e greatest, the most universal and the most eloquent ofphilosophers. Who is praised here?
Q13 | Who is the author of The Treatise of Human Nature?
Q14 | “His prophecy that workers could gain advantage through collective bargain came true”Who made this prophecy?
Q15 | “An Englishman like a freeman, goes to heaven by whatever route he chooses “ Who madethis statement?
Q16 | Prof.Pangloss is a character appearing in………………..
Q17 | Who termed Primitive man as ‘noble savage’?
Q18 | Who wrote “An Essay on Man”?
Q19 | Life becomes successful only after we ----------the knowledge we acquired.
Q20 | The essay Of Studies stresses on the need for------
Q21 | Studies provide-------------in leisure hours
Q22 | Common man------book learning
Q23 | Study of Law is a cure for-------------memory
Q24 | Spending too much time on studies is---------
Q25 | Cunning men find their cunningness as----------for book learning