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This set of Reading Prose Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Reading Prose Set 3

Q1 | “No other movement has been so grounded in poetry as Feminism”. Who said this?
Q2 | Simone de Beauvoir was influenced by
Q3 | Who Said it Was Simple is a poem by
Q4 | Dalit is a term derived from
Q5 | The first man who launched the anti-caste movement in Maharashtra
Q6 | SathyaShodhakSamaj was
Q7 | The leader who converted the Dalits to Budhism
Q8 | Who collected the folk songs dealing with Ambedkar?
Q9 | The political party representing the dalits
Q10 | The radical writers of the Dalit Sahithya Movement is known as
Q11 | Dalit sangharshSamiti was formed in
Q12 | White Paper is a poem by
Q13 | gold from Grave is a
Q14 | Karakkuis the autobiography of
Q15 | The wretched of the Earth is a book by
Q16 | Orientalism is a book by
Q17 | Garden of Forking Paths is a novel by
Q18 | Macondo is
Q19 | The SadhujanaParipalanaSangham was founded by
Q20 | Yuktivadiwas founded by
Q21 | Who wrote the “Introduction to the Lyrical Ballads?
Q22 | “Nothing can work without the third and everything would work infinitely better without theother.” Who said this?
Q23 | The Essay entitled “What is Enlightenment” is written by……………………..
Q24 | Who was e author of the treatise “Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding”?
Q25 | Who was the chief editor of The Encyclopaedia?