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This set of Reading Prose Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Reading Prose Set 2

Q1 | Who wrote Emilie
Q2 | Who wrote the preface to Lyrical Ballads?
Q3 | the Essay on Man is written by
Q4 | Who coined the term ‘Esemblastic Imagination’
Q5 | Who wrote The Solitary Reaper?
Q6 | Kubla Khan is written by
Q7 | BiographiaLiterariais authored by
Q8 | The Vindication of the Rights of Women is written by
Q9 | Manuals of good conduct for girls like The Wives of England, Daughters of England etcwerewritten by
Q10 | The woman who fought against oppressive marriage laws
Q11 | The fragmentary novel ‘Cassandra’ is written by BA English IV Semester READING Prose
Q12 | A magazine the pleaded for the rights to women
Q13 | The first higher education institution for women?
Q14 | The founder of the women’s anti-slavery society
Q15 | The author of Women in the Nineteenth Century?
Q16 | The History of Women suffrage was written by
Q17 | The Seneca Falls Convention is associated with
Q18 | The Revolution was a newspaper founded by
Q19 | Author of the Book The Feminine Mystique
Q20 | The second sex is written by
Q21 | The first serious book on feminist theory
Q22 | “One is not born, but becomes a woman” is said by
Q23 | The author of Dialectic of Sex?
Q24 | The author of Female Eunuch is
Q25 | The Poetical is the Political is written by BA English IV Semester READING Prose