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This set of Reading Fiction Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Reading Fiction Set 2

Q1 | During his great struggle with the marlin, what does Santiago wish repeatedly?
Q2 | What does the weary warbler that lands on Santiago’s fishing line make the old man thinkof?
Q3 | In order to help himself catch the fish, what does Santiago do?
Q4 | How does Santiago finally kill the marlin?
Q5 | After the shark attack, Santiago reflects that destruction is inevitable. How does he articulatethis philosophy?
Q6 | What happens upon the old man’s return to his fishing village in The Old Man and the Sea?
Q7 | What happens at the end of the story The Phoenix ?
Q8 | Name the anthology from which the story Of White Hairs and Cricket is taken.
Q9 | What is the narrative style adopted in the story Of White Hairs and Cricket?
Q10 | Why is the story called Of Schools and Schools?
Q11 | Why did Barbara mislead Neveda on the contents of Gilbert’s letter in Of Schools andSchools?
Q12 | In Of Schools and Schools how does Barbara know that Neveda’s letter is from Gilbert?
Q13 | In the story The Diamond Necklace the narrator suggests that Mathilde’s problem is thatshe__.
Q14 | In the story The Diamond Necklace Mathilde envies the social class and wealth of othersbecause_______
Q15 | Why does Mathilde borrow a necklace from Mme Forestier in The Diamond Necklace?
Q16 | In The Diamond Necklace the Loisels manage to replace the necklace by __________.
Q17 | At the end of the story The Diamond Necklace it becomes clear that ____________.
Q18 | Which of the following statements best summarizes The Diamond Necklace?
Q19 | The point of view used by the author in The Diamond Necklace helps the reader to
Q20 | What does Miss Brill imagine about both herself and the other people in the park?
Q21 | When Miss Brill reaches home, she hears a cry. Where does it actually come from?