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This set of Informatics Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Informatics Set 11

Q1 | Cryptography is the practice and study of ------------------.
Q2 | Crypto linguistics includes the study of language including -----------------.
Q3 | Cryptography is used for --------------------.
Q4 | In 1998, American President ------------------- signed the Digital Millenium Copyright Act(DGMA).
Q5 | The process of adopting software for a particular country or region is called ---------------.
Q6 | The Malayalam word processing software that uses Old Malayalam font for textcreation is ---------------.
Q7 | Indic language support is necessary for all software sold in -----------------.
Q8 | Popularity of the non-standard fonts hamper the ---------------- of software tools in Indianlanguages.
Q9 | India is a member of the --------------------.
Q10 | The constitution of India recognizes ------------- languages – apart from English whichhas the status of the official language.
Q11 | The regular standard font is often labeled ------------.
Q12 | The thickness of a particular font is called -----------.
Q13 | Unicode originated in the year ----------.
Q14 | -------------- could be roughly described as “wide-body ASCII” that has been stretched to16 bits to encompass the characters of all the world’s living languages.
Q15 | ASCII includes definition for ---------------- characters.
Q16 | Applied Artificial Intelligence (AAI) is involved in -------------------.
Q17 | One of the following is not an application development tool:
Q18 | One of the following is not a web application:-
Q19 | Which of the following is complete Indian language software?
Q20 | One of the following is a Dos based word processor:-
Q21 | Which of the following is the only solution for Indian languages in Unix:-
Q22 | The software used for translation is --------------.
Q23 | ---------------- is a web application development tool, used to develop interactive Indianlanguage applications to be deployed over the internet or the intranet.
Q24 | Which of the following is a Machine assisted translation tool?
Q25 | ----------- CD incorporates commonly used administrative jargons in the native tongue.