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This set of Evolution of Literary Movements The Shapers of Destiny Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Britannia rules the waves

Q1 | Which Act insisted that English ships should be manned only by English soldiers?
Q2 | Which movement sparked the spirit of knowledge in 16th century Europe?
Q3 | Which country was considered as the Cradle of the Renaissance?
Q4 | The La Pieta is a sculpture by
Q5 | During Henry VII’s reign, there was a free market for English cloth at
Q6 | Erasmus dedicated Encomium Moriae to
Q7 | Erasmus, Dean Colet and Thomas More were known as
Q8 | Utopia was written by
Q9 | Which invention was the biggest reason for the Reformation to flourish?
Q10 | When did Vasco da Gama reach Calicut?
Q11 | Who was called the Hammer of the Monks?
Q12 | Who wrote ‘Book of Martyrs’?
Q13 | Who was the unmarried Queen of England?
Q14 | Who was the famous pirate who was loyal to Queen Elizabeth?
Q15 | About what did the English sailors say that ‘Twelve of Her Majesty’s ships were a match forall the galleys in the King’s service’.
Q16 | Which period of English history is known as a ‘nest of singing birds’?
Q17 | Astrophel and Stella has ..... number of sonnets.
Q18 | The Shepherd’s Calendar is dedicated to
Q19 | Who wrote Principal Navigations, Voyages and Discoveries of the English Nation?
Q20 | Who wrote Edward II?
Q21 | Who wrote The Spanish Tragedy?
Q22 | Who was the famous conspirator in the Gunpowder Plot?
Q23 | When did the Civil War between Charles I and the Parliament begin?
Q24 | How many countries does the United Kingdom consist of?
Q25 | Who is the patron saint of England?