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This set of Evolution of Literary Movements The Shapers of Destiny Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on The True Briton Set 2

Q1 | Which statute allowed the king to have a regular income from a tax on the export ofwool and leather in 1275?
Q2 | When did Edward summon his Model Parliament?
Q3 | Who was the first Stuart King of England?
Q4 | The Dispensers were the loyal bodyguards of
Q5 | The Hundred Years War was fought between England and
Q6 | Who was called ‘The King of the Sea’ by the Parliament?
Q7 | What was the Parliament summoned by the Black Prince known as ?
Q8 | Who were the poor preachers who followed John Wycliffe?
Q9 | Who is called ‘The Morning Star of the Reformation’?
Q10 | Who was said to be sent by God to lead France to victory in the Hundred years War?
Q11 | What was the War between the House of Lancaster and the House of York known as?
Q12 | Where was the first University in England established?
Q13 | What were the colleges established for legal studies known as?
Q14 | What can be considered as the predecessor of the modern trade Unions?
Q15 | About which work did Dryden say, ‘Here is God’s Plenty’?
Q16 | Who wrote Parlement of Fowles?
Q17 | Who wrote Confessio Amantis?
Q18 | Who wrote The Vision Concerning Piers the Plowman?
Q19 | Who wrote ‘The Grovernail of Princes?
Q20 | Who wrote The Thistle and the Rose?
Q21 | Who wrote Morte D’Arthur?
Q22 | Everyman is an example of
Q23 | Which system ended with the end of the War of the Roses?
Q24 | Which dynasty laid the foundation of England as a commercial power?