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This set of Evolution of Literary Movements The Shapers of Destiny Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on The True Briton Set 1

Q1 | Which year did the Normans conquer the Isle of Ely?
Q2 | What is the Oath taken by the knights swearing loyalty to King William the Conqueror knownas?
Q3 | Which law of William the Conqueror preventedthe people from hunting in the forest?
Q4 | Which document of a survey conducted by William the Conqueror records the resources ofthe Kingdom of England?
Q5 | During whose reign did the City of London see the beginnings of self government?
Q6 | What was the Chief council of the realm of England in the rule of Henry I?
Q7 | When did the rule of the House of the Plantagenets begin?
Q8 | In the Middle Ages, the normal unit of holding of land was
Q9 | What was the extra work done by the Villeins known as ?
Q10 | What were the workers who held no land of their own in the manorial system known as?
Q11 | In the manorial system, the administration of justice was carried out from...
Q12 | Which year did the Black Death take place?
Q13 | Which year did the Peasant’s Revolt take place?
Q14 | Who said ‘God does not judge a man twice for the same offence.?
Q15 | Who is called the English Justinian?
Q16 | What was an important offshoot of the Kings Court which dealt with the financial affairs ofthe realm in Henry II’s time?
Q17 | What was the basis of the system of Law followed in all the colonies of Britain?
Q18 | What was Richard I known as ?
Q19 | Which city is the first corporation in the world?
Q20 | When did the first Crusade take place?
Q21 | When did the Second Crusade take place?
Q22 | When did the Muslim King Sultan Saladin conquer Jerusalem?
Q23 | When did the Third Crusade take place?
Q24 | When was the Magna Carta signed between the people of England and King John?
Q25 | Who is known as the Father of the English Parliament?