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This set of Evolution of Literary Movements The Shapers of Destiny Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Moulding and Being Moulded Set 2

Q1 | Who was the leader of the Angles who came to England?
Q2 | From which tribe did England get its name?
Q3 | Where did the Britons flee to escape from the Saxon invasion?
Q4 | The Anglo Saxon Seven kingdoms were called as the ..........
Q5 | Who was the most famous Kentish King?
Q6 | The monk ... .... officially introduced Christianity into England.
Q7 | What was the most famous incident which took place in the Seventh century in the ecclesiasticalhistory of England?
Q8 | Who was the famous king of Mercia?
Q9 | Who united the Heptarchy into one Kingdom?
Q10 | Name a famous Irish Saint.
Q11 | Who was the great celtic saint produced by the monastery of Iona?
Q12 | Who consecrated St Augustine as the first Archbishop of Canterbury?
Q13 | Who was the first King of United England crowned by the Archbishop of Canterbury?
Q14 | What were the Danish men called?
Q15 | Who made a permanent army and navy for England?
Q16 | Who was the famous Danish King of England
Q17 | Who built Westminister Abbey?
Q18 | The Norman Conquest by William of Normandy took place in the year.
Q19 | ........ is a famous Anglo Saxon travelogue.
Q20 | Other surviving poems of Caedmon other than Beowulf
Q21 | The Witangemot was
Q22 | Beowulf is an epic poem with
Q23 | The Anglo Saxon Chronicle was set up by
Q24 | Aelfric was a monk who wrote
Q25 | Which year did the Battle of Hastings take place?