English Litearure And Informatics Set 2

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This set of English Literature and Informatics Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on English Litearure And Informatics Set 2

Q1 | Manual integration of individual components into functioning units wasrequired in ----
Q2 | S S I can hold ---------------- transistors per chip.
Q3 | The first video game, called Space war was written in ------------------- and runon PDP-1
Q4 | Computational time was reduced from micro to nano seconds in -----------------generation computers.
Q5 | The first micro computer was ------------------
Q6 | Steve Vozniak and Steve Jobs began the computer company called ------------------
Q7 | Embedded computer system can be found in -------------
Q8 | Which is the computer developed in India to facilitate the rural people?
Q9 | Which model of computer is designed for technical or scientific application?
Q10 | Which kind of computer is used to predict weather and design supersonicaircrafts?
Q11 | Amazon’s e-book reader is called ------------------
Q12 | The term ‘virus’ came from a novel called -------------------
Q13 | The functions of an operating system are:
Q14 | Pick the odd one out
Q15 | The following belong to the category of software distribution:
Q16 | ‘Free software’ means:
Q17 | ‘Free software’ does not mean:
Q18 | M S Word is a
Q19 | M S Excel is a
Q20 | --------------- is a presentation tool.
Q21 | Photoshop is a
Q22 | The following is an anti-virus software:
Q23 | Encrypted information is called:
Q24 | Pick the odd one out:
Q25 | Linux kernel was written by ----------------.