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This set of Public Economics Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Public Economics Set 2

Q1 | Which is the method of financial adjustment between Centre and States?
Q2 | Who suggested an expenditure tax as an alternative to income tax?
Q3 | Budget is an instrument of:
Q4 | The concept of functional finance was developed by:
Q5 | The modern state is:
Q6 | According to Musgrave the major functions of public finance is:
Q7 | Who is the author of the book “The Theory of Public Finance”?
Q8 | A criterion by which public goods are distinguished from private goods:
Q9 | Who was the first to recommend the adoption of an expenditure tax for India?
Q10 | The controlling authority of Government expenditure is:
Q11 | The idea of ‘Democratic Decentralization’ in India was popularized by:
Q12 | Which one of the following is the most acceptable theory of taxation:
Q13 | The incidence of tax refers to:
Q14 | The theory of fiscal policy derives from
Q15 | The most important source of public revenue is
Q16 | Fiscal Federalism refers to
Q17 | Which one of the following is an optional function of Government?
Q18 | Principle of sound finance refers to
Q19 | Private goods are characterized by
Q20 | Tax refers to10
Q21 | . Pump priming is
Q22 | Merit goods means
Q23 | The most important aim of fiscal policy in a developing country is
Q24 | The income of the government through all its sources is called
Q25 | Which of the following are indirect taxes?