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This set of Principles of Micro Economics Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Principles Of Micro Economics Set 2

Q1 | A function refers to :
Q2 | The validity of an economic theory is judged by its power to:
Q3 | The subject matter of economics is the study of:
Q4 | To whom do you attribute the ‘growth’ definition of economics?
Q5 | The first economist who coined the terms micro economics andmacroeconomics
Q6 | Microeconomics deals with:
Q7 | Prof. Robbin’s definition of Economics is:
Q8 | A theory is:
Q9 | The book ‘Principles of Economics’ was written by:
Q10 | Average revenue is :
Q11 | A hypothesis is a :
Q12 | In the classical system, the basic economic problems are solved by:
Q13 | Growth definition of economics was concerned with:
Q14 | A market:
Q15 | The average fixed cost is obtained by :
Q16 | Average Revenue curve under monopoly is :
Q17 | _______ investigations examine an individual’s relationship with andinteraction in society
Q18 | In the 19th century _________ argued that ideas pass through three risingstages namely, Theological, Philosophical and Scientific.
Q19 | _________ is distinctive for much greater use of mathematics than the othersocial sciences, a development made possible by the development of a concept of utility
Q20 | The most important founder of German sociology, __________ , was keenly interested in maintaining the relationship between economics and sociology.
Q21 | International Social Science Associations were founded under the auspicesof___________
Q22 | ________ social science discipline deals with the integration of differentaspects of the Social Sciences, Humanities, and Human Biology
Q23 | Social science can help to appreciate the values enshrined in the IndianConstitution such as justice, liberty, equality and fraternity and the unity and integrity of the nation and the building of a socialist, secular and democratic society.
Q24 | ______is primarily done by observing or testing on real-life data or analysingthe pattern of some specific events in order to identify the nature or the class of trend that specific phenomenon maintains.
Q25 | _____ has distinguished between different types of societies on basis of economic system.