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This set of Modern Banking Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Modern Banking Set 5

Q1 | Bankers lien is a general lien and is
Q2 | Which country is popular for branch banking
Q3 | Whose signature is affixed on currency notes
Q4 | A post dated cheque is one which bears;
Q5 | A banker has the right to disclose the account position of a customer to...........
Q6 | An account usually maintained by businessmen in a bank is
Q7 | The system of banking attracting deposits and lending for short period is called
Q8 | When a loan is advanced on the basis of immovable property, it is called
Q9 | When a loan is advanced on the basis of movable property, it is called
Q10 | Which of the following are not methods of credit control
Q11 | The banker will refuse payment against
Q12 | The following is not a demand deposit
Q13 | A cheque bearing a back date from the date of issue is
Q14 | Banker lien shall not exercise upon
Q15 | Key loans are usually allowed on
Q16 | The country popular for unit banking is
Q17 | Overdraft facility is allowed to reputed customers on
Q18 | The authority controlling the clearing house scheme is
Q19 | Crossing of a cheque can be done by
Q20 | Cash Reserve Ratio of banks is insisted in RBI Act of 1934 under section
Q21 | In order to determine a cheque valid or not one has to examine..........
Q22 | RBI is an example of
Q23 | A bank draft is drawn by
Q24 | Pledge means........
Q25 | One Rupee notes is issued by