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This set of Modern Banking Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Modern Banking Set 4

Q1 | Second nationalisation of commercial banks (6 banks)was in the year
Q2 | Cooperative banks are registered under.............
Q3 | The first Regional Rural Bank came into existence on
Q4 | The largest public sector bank in India is
Q5 | RRB Act was enacted in the year
Q6 | ............. is the apex institution for rural development and rural credit
Q7 | RBI was established in the year
Q8 | Medium term loans are meant for a period
Q9 | Possession of a security practically with the banker is in the case of
Q10 | Maximum number of withdrawals permitted per half year weather by cheque orotherwise in saving bank account
Q11 | The banker’s obligation to pay his customers cheque is a duty towards............
Q12 | Collateral security means
Q13 | RBI issues currency notes on the basis of............
Q14 | The term “Reserve” in Reserve bank of India indicates
Q15 | SBI was established in the year
Q16 | For opening new branch of a bank should obtain the sanction of..........
Q17 | Negotiable Instrument Act was passed in the year
Q18 | NABARD is administered by
Q19 | A depositor can withdraw money from the bank any number of time in.............
Q20 | A cheque is deemed stale after
Q21 | Bank rate policy is aimed at
Q22 | Bank of England was established in the year
Q23 | Garnishee order is to restrain a banker from
Q24 | A banker need not bother too much to open an account in the name of a person whenreceiving.........
Q25 | Primary relationship between banker and customer is that of