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This set of Modern Banking Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Modern Banking Set 1

Q1 | Demand deposit also known as ___________________.
Q2 | Bank places certain restriction on withdrawal for _______________ deposit.
Q3 | ______________ is the contribution made by the shareholders of the bank.
Q4 | __________ was originally the home of commercial banking.
Q5 | ____________ was initially the home of industrial or investment banking.
Q6 | The trend in India is towards ___________.
Q7 | ___________ to ___________ percent of total deposit is kept as cash reserve.
Q8 | Commercial banks to expand deposit through expanding their loans and advances is known as___________.
Q9 | Rediscounting and giving advance the central bank changes interest at a rate which is knownas __________
Q10 | The nationalization of 14 commercial banks was on?
Q11 | The State Bank of India was established under the State Bank of India Act on?
Q12 | RBI introduced 14-day intermediate Treasury Bills and 14-day Treasury bills on?
Q13 | DIC stands for?
Q14 | System of banking is guided by the Islamic Law called?
Q15 | Money at call and short notice is also known as?
Q16 | The process of credit creation by the banking system as a whole is termed as ?
Q17 | The regulator of Indian Money market is?
Q18 | The regulator of Indian Capital Market is?
Q19 | Bridge Loan is also known as?
Q20 | 182-day Treasury bill was introduced in Indian Money Market in?
Q21 | CIBIL stands for?
Q22 | The value of money received today will be more than a rupee tomorrow is?
Q23 | The interest computed on the principal for the entire period of borrowings?
Q24 | The periodical interval at which interest is added is called?
Q25 | ________Act offer incentive to attract people to invest in housing property.