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This set of Mathematics for Economic Analysis Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Mathematics For Economic Analysis Set 5

Q1 | AA-1= ----- = A-1A
Q2 | If the number of elements of the two sets are equal, then they are called
Q3 | If a set has three elements, then its power set consist of ----- elements
Q4 | The set of all elements which belong to set B but do not belong to set A is
Q5 | Given A in 2x2 and B is 2x4, then the matrix AB will be of the order
Q6 | If the matrix CxC =C, the matrix C is
Q7 | Maximum number of linearly independent rows and columns of a matrix iscalled
Q8 | Determinant of a 3X3 square matrix is called ----- determinant
Q9 | The set consisting of all the elements which belong to A as well as B is called
Q10 | The total number of elements of the set of all possible outcome when twocoins are tossed
Q11 | If the relation is defined as from A to B, then relation from B to A
Q12 | Special type of relation is
Q13 | Rectangular array of numbers, variables or parameters is called
Q14 | When A = {0}, the set A is
Q15 | Given A={a,b,c} and B={a,d,c}, then AUB will be
Q16 | in a square matrix, the elements lie from left top to right bottom is
Q17 | if all the elements below the leading diagonal are zero in a square matrix, it is
Q18 | conformity condition for matrix addition is that matrices should be
Q19 | commutative law of matrix subtraction is
Q20 | In matrix algebra (AB)C=A(BC) is
Q21 | In matrix expression of linear equation, AX=B, X denotes
Q22 | Given the demand curve, P=20-0.2Q, the revenue curve will be
Q23 | If the demand curve is linear and negatively sloped, the marginal revenuecurve has a slope
Q24 | The slope of isocost line is the ratio of
Q25 | The line of linear equation should begin from