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This set of Motion Studies Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Motion Studies Set 5

Q1 | which animal is incapable of trotting, racking, cantering, or gallop?
Q2 | The Change of gait seriates is photographed in?
Q3 | who wrote the animators work book?
Q4 | In Animation Principle what refers to movement in the opposite Directionbefore the Main Action Start?
Q5 | The position information of unabled markers in the motion capture software’sthey travel through time and space are called?
Q6 | Cloud data is also called?
Q7 | Motion that have Identical Beginning & End Frames?
Q8 | The Process of obtaining a three dimensional representation of live action isCalled?
Q9 | In Motion Capture Processing Meant that?
Q10 | A Motion a group of movement made up of all the Individual motion appliedto a character or characters in a game is called?
Q11 | In Motion Capture Raw seconds means by?
Q12 | The total Space available in the motion capture studio is called?
Q13 | Base motion is always called as?
Q14 | In motion Studies Ease- in and ease- out is also known as?
Q15 | In animation Principle Follow through is known as?
Q16 | who is the director of Avatar?
Q17 | Any Person or animal whose performance is going to be captured is called?
Q18 | How many major types of Motion performers?
Q19 | A Mathematical equation usually used to find the location of the actual jointcenter?
Q20 | Motions that take the game character from one core motion to another?
Q21 | In which motion that propel the character trough the space?
Q22 | ----------------------------- refers to the pace in which action occur?
Q23 | In Animation Principle what can be used to create a feeling of weight?
Q24 | A series of reflective Markers whose position in space is tracked by a numberof digital camera?
Q25 | which thing is consider as first Documentary Film in the History of Cinema?