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This set of Motion Studies Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Motion Studies Set 4

Q1 | Who wrote kitab Al Manzeer?
Q2 | Abu Ali Alhazan belongs to?
Q3 | Who invented Pinhole Camera?
Q4 | Aristotle Invented-------------------- Camera?
Q5 | Pinhole Camera Invented By
Q6 | Aristotle Belong to which Country?
Q7 | Who Invented Rotoscoping?
Q8 | When did Flesicher Invented Rotocoping?
Q9 | Max Fleischer ------------------------Invented?
Q10 | When did the Animation motion capture had become the hot & excitinganimation Technology?
Q11 | Who is the Author of Survival Kit?
Q12 | The famous Book Written by saville Kent?
Q13 | The Famous book written by Frederick C. Selous?
Q14 | Darwin’s Famous work?
Q15 | Osamu tezuka Famous Book?
Q16 | When did Edward Muybridge Born?
Q17 | Who is Le land Stanford?
Q18 | who is the Inventor of Motion Picture?
Q19 | Electro Photographic Investigation of Consecutive Phase of AnimalMovements published in?
Q20 | An Objective travelling on an arc through space as opposed to travelingstraight line is called?
Q21 | How many volume in an electro photographic Investigation of constructivephase of animal movement is Published at 1887?
Q22 | in animal in Motion How many Kinds of Animals & birds Movement isDescribed?
Q23 | Which University Published Muybridge Works?
Q24 | In the Human Figure in Motion the classification of figure is divided into?
Q25 | what was used to record in the human figure in motion the intervals of timebetween the successive phases?