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This set of Motion Studies Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Motion Studies Set 3

Q1 | What is may be properly called a swift gallop?
Q2 | Horsemanship complete edition is issued in?
Q3 | A house fly will make during its flight how many vibration in a second?
Q4 | The trot is the foundation of what?
Q5 | ---------------------- has the same sequence of foot falling as the walk butwithout same regularity of intervals?
Q6 | Which is the pioneer work in Animal In Motion?
Q7 | Which Books were Inspired from 1887 Animal Locomotion?
Q8 | Edward Muybridge was a -------------------------?
Q9 | The Word Trot meant by?
Q10 | In the early day which help to analyze the human Movements?
Q11 | Who Invented Scanimate?
Q12 | Who Is Lee Harrison?
Q13 | When Didd Lee Harrison Invented Scanimate?
Q14 | Where did the scannimate system applied?
Q15 | In which what allowed several picture to be fixed to a wheel , when the wheelrevolved , the individual pictures appeared as an animated figure?
Q16 | Rotoscoping was used in ?
Q17 | Where did Rotoscoping Firstly used?
Q18 | In which Film Firstly Rotoscoping Used?
Q19 | Which technique was used to took photographs of Muybridge Horses?
Q20 | Who wrote Temuco School Of Animation?
Q21 | Muybridge is ---------------------?
Q22 | Who took the first photograph which was called as Heliography?
Q23 | What is called the first photograph which was taken by Neems ford Nipcy?
Q24 | What is the actual meaning of Heliography?
Q25 | Who Is known as the modern Optic?