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This set of Motion Studies Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Motion Studies Set 2

Q1 | How many steps the Normal stride of a quadruped consist of?
Q2 | An African Camel whose motion is more pleasant than the ordinary riding orpacking animal its name is?
Q3 | who wrote the history of Algeria?
Q4 | who wrote naturalist in Voyage?
Q5 | The Swift leaping movement of a horse called?
Q6 | “The Naturalist in Australia”W. saville kent says about which animal?
Q7 | The Word Ricochet is Taken From?
Q8 | In the Ricochet Motion Which animal is taken as its Best example?
Q9 | Name the Two type of gallop?
Q10 | The transverse gallop movement is adopted from which Animal ?
Q11 | Name an example of Rotary Gallop?
Q12 | The African and Asiatic elephant is capable speed of --------------------- mile inan hour?
Q13 | As elephant is capable of great speed but it cant
Q14 | An elephant has two gaits only what are they?
Q15 | The Normal walks of a Horse how many different system are support?
Q16 | Give an example of cloven foot animal?
Q17 | Give an Example of The soft footed animal?
Q18 | In our enumeration of movement crawling is classified as a method of what?
Q19 | Which of the locomotion is more comfortable to rider?
Q20 | A complete stride by a first class Ambling horse photographed Palo alto duringthe summer in ?
Q21 | In the locomotion Diagram Arrow head stands for?
Q22 | Who wrote clitus whimsies the earliest reference of a canter?
Q23 | In which book kent gives a most interesting picture of a frilled lizard?
Q24 | How many photographs in Human figure in action contains?