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This set of Drawing for Animation Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Drawing For Animation Set 4

Q1 | Which bone in the human body continues to grow for aconsiderableperiod after the other bones have attained their full development?
Q2 | The height of a pelvis is________?
Q3 | The ________ performs the function of a keystone in the arch ofpelvis?
Q4 | Building the figure in solids makes the _____ easier to feel out?
Q5 | A complete cycle of for a two legged walk is _____ steps?
Q6 | A complete cycle of for a_____walk is two steps?
Q7 | Drawing are made of the key positions of the stepping action untill the nextdrawing would be the repeat of the first is called what type of animation?
Q8 | Preston blair colabrated with which american organisation to exibit hisillustrations?
Q9 | Preston Blair died in April_______ at the age of 85?
Q10 | “The art of animators is unique. Animators bring life to their drawings, creatingan illussion of spirit and vigor” Who’s words is this?
Q11 | From which Art institutiopn Priston Blair completed his arts studies?
Q12 | Which famous character acted as the “ apprentice” in Walt disney’sfamous“Sorcerer’s Apprentice”
Q13 | Invented Inter acting TV system using animation methods to provide full figuregame action that simulates reality was a another achieve ment of ________
Q14 | Preston Blair worked with which studio in Connecticut to produce Flintstones?
Q15 | Acoording to Preston blair who must have the knowledge of the elements ofscreen writing: plot setting, premise, charecter conflict, climax, expocission etc?
Q16 | According to who animators must be able to dramatize and caricature life whilethey time and stage their characters, actions and reactions?
Q17 | If the animation includes a character moving its mouth in speech or song,animators need a knowledge of_______
Q18 | Who published the book “Cartoon animation” By Preston Blair?
Q19 | What make the cute character should look well fed?
Q20 | “ The legs are short and fat, and they taper down into smsll feet for the type”identyfy theCharacter?
Q21 | “The tongue accentuates the happy expression of the mouth, and the cheeksoverlap the eyes”. Which character?
Q22 | 100 At Disney …………………. was known as “THE ACTION MAN”
Q23 | The golden age of comic books.
Q24 | Who is the creator of “How a Mosquito Operates” ?
Q25 | Who is the creator of “Gertie the Dinosaur” ?