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This set of Drawing for Animation Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Drawing For Animation Set 2

Q1 | A humpbacked and stoop-shouldered is called?
Q2 | A droopy, half-awake eyes are belongs to?
Q3 | Find the odd one with a goofy character?
Q4 | What is common with a screwball type and goofy character?
Q5 | A character with big barrel like chest and small hip area is commonly called?
Q6 | Which one of the following characters is called “bad boys” in animation studios?
Q7 | An enormous clumsy foot is the identity of a _______ character?
Q8 | Heavy eyebrows and a large lower lip are common in which character?
Q9 | A character with long and heavy arms, short heavy legs, big hands and little earsis called?
Q10 | Identify the character from the options given below; its jaw and chin normallymore protrude?
Q11 | What is commonly called Humpbacked, stoop-shouldered and droopy arms withgig hands?
Q12 | Which one of the following is a typical example of a heavy pugnaciouscharacter?
Q13 | What gives the animated drawings the dimension of depth by using vanishingpoints?
Q14 | What is VP in perspective drawing?
Q15 | What is the technical term of an object seems to come toward the viewer?
Q16 | In perspective drawing the horizon line relates to the viewer’s_________?
Q17 | In a two point perspective the vertical lines of a box will appears in ________?
Q18 | What type of perspective is used to emphasize a height by lowering the eyelevel?
Q19 | The proportion of a young girl based on a height of ______ head lengths.
Q20 | An imaginary line extending through the main action of the figure is called______?
Q21 | The first thing to draw when constructing a figure is________?
Q22 | ______ is the basics of Rhythm?
Q23 | _______ are the secret formulas behind the appeal and charm of great cartoonart?
Q24 | Rhythm and design are the secret formulas behind the _______ of great cartoonart.
Q25 | _______ are often broken and may jump between parallels?