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This set of Drawing for Animation Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Drawing For Animation Set 1

Q1 | Who animated Micky Mouse in the “SORCERER’S APPRENTICE”?
Q2 | ___ can tell a complete story with a simple pose?
Q3 | What is often used to measure the height of a character in animation studios?
Q4 | What is the proportion height of a cute bear?
Q5 | An animated cartoon character is based on the ____ form?
Q6 | _____ makes “follow through” better on the screen?
Q7 | The parts of the character fit together at where?
Q8 | What will divide a ball shaped face in the middle length wise?
Q9 | What determines the tilt of the head?
Q10 | What line sets the head up or down?
Q11 | The base of the eyes and the top of the nose tie into where?
Q12 | To help the animator draw difficult characters from different angles theanimation studios often make _____?
Q13 | The job of an animator is the same as the job of an_____?
Q14 | An animator and an actor should be masters in portraying ______?
Q15 | What establish the general stance of the figure?
Q16 | Which one of the following is a specialty of cute characters?
Q17 | The character with small eyes, small ears, large head and a high forehead iscalled?
Q18 | Which one of the following is not related with a cute character?
Q19 | Which one of the following gives more cute look?
Q20 | What is used to clean up a drawing by placing a clean piece of paper over stepfor tracing?
Q21 | What type of characters is called “Cocky Wise Guys”?
Q22 | A character with Elongated head, skinny neck and big feet is called?
Q23 | Which one of the following is not related with a screwball type character?
Q24 | Who made the first commercial color animated film
Q25 | A low, loose and baggy pant is related with a ______ character?