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This set of Art and Visual Perception Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Art And Visual Perception Set 5

Q1 | Father of Indian painting
Q2 | Who is Indian Picasso?
Q3 | Guernica is in which country?
Q4 | Birth place of futurism ?
Q5 | Whose literary work marked the beginning of Renainssance
Q6 | ‘Enlightenment ‘was formed in which country?
Q7 | ‘ Art is a poor child born of poor parents ‘ who said this
Q8 | Who first coined the term ‘Imagination’ ‘Fantacy’
Q9 | Art forms in medieval period was considered to be representation of
Q10 | Whose works were described as the ‘ Mirror of Russian Revolution By Marx And Engels
Q11 | Philosophies of Aristotle was based on
Q12 | Literature Tendancy has a minority in
Q13 | Who Implimented Nazi program in literature for Racist purification ?
Q14 | ‘Tempest In A Tea Cup ‘ was ariginated in which country
Q15 | Which work of Aristotle describes characteristics of various immitation art works?
Q16 | ‘Art belongs to ordinary people ‘ Who words were these?
Q17 | Sitara Devi is the master of
Q18 | . Nandalal Bose was a famous
Q19 | In which state of India the famous Sun temple of Modhera is situated?
Q20 | In which year the Sir J.J. School of Art, Mumbai was established?
Q21 | Who was a famous artist from the following?
Q22 | One MB of computer memory is equal to
Q23 | Which is the hardest stone from the following?
Q24 | Stonehenge structure is an example of
Q25 | How old are the famous ruins of Indus valley civilization at Mohen jo daro?