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This set of Art and Visual Perception Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Art And Visual Perception Set 4

Q1 | Theatre can be defined in three categories. They are:.
Q2 | The playwright is the _____________ of nearly every production.
Q3 | Which of the following is not an avenue for a playwright to break-in?
Q4 | A play achieves its final form only when:
Q5 | The playwright works with two fundamental tools:
Q6 | Which of the following is not a demand on credibility?
Q7 | A common fault of beginning playwrights is:
Q8 | When a play truly satisfies us we say it is endowed with:
Q9 | Depth of characterization requires characters to be:
Q10 | A play that tells the story of thirty years are in only two hours is an example of:
Q11 | Three strong building locks in the process of playwriting are:
Q12 | The author of Pulitzer Prize winner Lost in Yonkers and the Brighton Beach Trilogy is:
Q13 | America's greatest active playwright is probably:
Q14 | The playwright that is called a "Chicago" playwright is:
Q15 | The play many critics consider the finest play of the past generation is:
Q16 | The two levels of work a director has to do are:
Q17 | The Greeks called the director didaskolos, which means:
Q18 | The first director of the modern era was:
Q19 | The real importance of the new directors in the 19th century was:
Q20 | The principal functions of the director are:
Q21 | Which was the first news paper published In India
Q22 | One Advantage ,publicity may enjoy over advertising is –
Q23 | In the ‘ Bull fight’ series Picasso used –
Q24 | Birth place of cubism was in France, Who introduced it?
Q25 | Painting Art form with female artist majority