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This set of Art and Visual Perception Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Art And Visual Perception Set 3

Q1 | The City Dionysia was:
Q2 | The quem queritas trope is a chanted celebration of:
Q3 | The medieval plays that were performed near the feast of Corpus Christi were also called:
Q4 | The plays of the Middle Ages were performed on:
Q5 | The audience of the Royal era was:
Q6 | Which of the following are not a part of the neo-classic rules of playwriting in the Royal era?
Q7 | Romanticism in the theatre was characterized by
Q8 | The word theatre is derived from the Greek word theatron, which means:
Q9 | The "software" of theatre consists of:
Q10 | The minimal requirement for a theatre building is:
Q11 | The Illustrious Theatre of Paris:
Q12 | The aspects of the theatre as an occupation are:
Q13 | The work of producing theatre is involved with:
Q14 | Directing a play involves:
Q15 | Designing is the process of:
Q16 | Building a production involves:
Q17 | Crewing a production is the activity in which:
Q18 | The work of the theatre is more than perfecting skills. It is also:
Q19 | Our life may be fragmented in anarchism and frustration, but art provides:
Q20 | The problems of dramatic impersonation were solved in the ancient world through the use of:
Q21 | Performance" can be defined as:
Q22 | The benefits of performance are:
Q23 | The two general modes of performance are:
Q24 | The act of feeling for and identifying with characters in a play is known as:
Q25 | The fundamental forces at work in the live theatre are: