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This set of Animation Studio Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Animation Studio Set 6

Q1 | The centre and Middle guide-lines helps you construct_________.
Q2 | _________Reflect the expression of each Stretch and squash.
Q3 | The two front teeth are important and add expression to_______.
Q4 | Use________ to help you draw cartoon characters several different posesand action views
Q5 | An object seems to come towards the viewer is usually is knownas__________.
Q6 | The ________ as a guide to draw a expression of a cartoon character
Q7 | Use_________ To draw cartoon character accurately in any position.
Q8 | _______ is one of the most important factors to consider when constructinga cartoon character.
Q9 | A________type of character might be five or six heads high.
Q10 | The job of an animator is the same as the job of an ___________ in liveaction pictures.
Q11 | The________ are important and add expression of rabbit characters.
Q12 | _________ is a big help in creating attitudes in posture and movement of acartoon Character.
Q13 | ” The legs are short and fat ,and they taper into small feet for the type”Identify the character?
Q14 | Preston Blair collaborated with which American organization to exhibit hisillustrations?
Q15 | The muscles of the adult account for about_________ the weight of thebody.
Q16 | The Centre of the male figure is at the ________ bone
Q17 | Sorceres apprentice is a part of disney’s which famous work?