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This set of Animation Studio Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Animation Studio Set 4

Q1 | Mickey’s head is drawn as a_________ shape.
Q2 | Mickey mouse’s body to be drawn as ________ shape.
Q3 | Mickey Mouse Has Been Compared to a_________.
Q4 | The size of the Donald Duck’s head is supposed to be half the size of the lowerpart of the _____________?
Q5 | An animator and an actor should be masters in portraying_________?
Q6 | What establish the general stance of the figure?
Q7 | Which one of the following gives more cute look?
Q8 | A character with Elongated head, skinny neck and big feet is called?
Q9 | What is common with a screwball type and goofy character?
Q10 | Which one of the following characters is called “bad boys” in animationstudios?
Q11 | Heavy eyebrows and a large lower lip are common in which character?
Q12 | A character with long and heavy arms, short heavy legs ,big hands and littleears is called?
Q13 | What is commonly called Humpbacked,stoop-shouldered and droopy arms withgig hands?
Q14 | What is VP in perspective drawing?
Q15 | What is the technical term of an object seems to come toward the viewer?
Q16 | In perspective drawing the horizon line to the viewer’s_______?
Q17 | In a two point perspective the vertical lines of a box will appears in_______?
Q18 | The proportion of a young girl based on a height of ______head lengths.
Q19 | ________ is the basics of Rhythm?
Q20 | Head is used as a measurement unit in art?
Q21 | Who designed Hippos in The Dance Of The Hours?
Q22 | Who animated Hippos in the Dance Of The Hours?
Q23 | Who animated Owl’s speech in the famous Disney film Bamby?
Q24 | Which bone is known as clavicles?
Q25 | The width of the female hips is about the width of the _________?