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This set of Animation Studio Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Animation Studio Set 3

Q1 | Gently falling __________drifts in wavy lines and needs even longer cycle thanrain.
Q2 | To give depth to the ___________ ,at least three different sizes of flake areusually needed.
Q3 | _______ start with a very fast movement and taper off to a slow finish.
Q4 | Smaller effects, which work on similar lines to explosions are called?
Q5 | ________ is described as ‘controlled failing’ a skilled manipulation of balanceand weight.
Q6 | If an action on the screen takes one second it covers 24 frames of film, and if ittakes half second it covers ______ frames.
Q7 | In a barsheet a horizontal line means what?
Q8 | Before production of an animated film starts, the director works out the timingof the film on_________.
Q9 | In bar sheet a curve means_____________
Q10 | Exposure charts is also known as _______in USA
Q11 | Animation timing is usually indicated by the director in the column of exposurecharts
Q12 | Camera instructions are indicated in the ________column of the exposurecharts
Q13 | The animator written the number of his drawings in the middle ______columns.
Q14 | When any object in the nature moves from a rest point X and Stops as a point______?
Q15 | If a fairly gentle movement, he action might take about _______ Frames tocomplete.
Q16 | A simple animation; accelerating and the beginning and decelerating at the________.
Q17 | If the animated drawings are close and accurate enough, ________framesexposure are possible per drawings.
Q18 | With fast action ________is very important so that the audience is ready forquick movement
Q19 | If the character goes into a more violent action, such as starting to walk, thenthe movement should be _______
Q20 | The movement between the extremes is ______ there is no in-between drawingsare necessary.
Q21 | Each part of the body as a result of the action of _________?
Q22 | The timing of the flame also depends on the _______of the fire.
Q23 | Walt makes Alice’s wonder land in Kansas city in which year?
Q24 | The general expression of the eye of a pluto is_____________
Q25 | The most important thing about Donald Duck is his__________.