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This set of Animation Studio Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Animation Studio Set 2

Q1 | The world’s First Fully animated feature length film?
Q2 | ’Bad Inbetweens Will Kicc the Finest Animation’ who told that?
Q3 | A four legged walk has how many main extremes?
Q4 | ”Pantomime is the basic art of animation Body language is the root andfortunatery it is universal” Who told that?
Q5 | Who was developed ‘Rubber Hose” Animation?
Q6 | Most of our body actions start from________
Q7 | “the most difficult thing to do in animation is nothing” who told that?
Q8 | Who was the first animator to really draw women?
Q9 | Successive breaking of joints to give____________
Q10 | Bill Tyla said: there are only three things in animation choose the correct thingas given below.
Q11 | Who is the master of animations?
Q12 | In which year Timing For Animation was Published?
Q13 | Who controls how much or how little time is spent on the animation?
Q14 | For economic reasons, TV series are made as simply as possible from theanimation point of view this approach is generally known as_________.
Q15 | In Limited Animation not more than ______drawings are produced for onesecond of animation.
Q16 | ________Implies a large number of drawings per second of animation.
Q17 | In animation the director should be able to view ______of the film as it progressand so have a chance to make adjustment.
Q18 | __________is also dangerous factor to try to formulate something which worksin on situation or in one mood may not work at all in another situation.
Q19 | _________is mainly described is that which is used in so called ‘classical’ or‘full animation’
Q20 | Who Animated Micky Mouse in the “Sorcerer’s Apprentice”
Q21 | An animated cartoon character is based on the ______Form?
Q22 | What line sets the head up or down?
Q23 | Which on of the following is not related with a cute character?
Q24 | A humpbacked and Stoop-Shouldered is Called?
Q25 | The movement of a ________in the wind is an example of wave movement?