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This set of Biology Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Transport in Plants Set 6

Q1 | Which of the following figure shows the final stage of plasmolysis ?
Q2 | Which of the following figure A, B, C and D shows the initial stage of plasmolysis ?
Q3 | Which process is observed in the diagram ?
Q4 | What does A and B indicate in the diagram thistle funnel experment ?
Q5 | The experimental setup in the given diagram is for ? (KCET 2003)
Q6 | Whatis A and B in this diagram ?
Q7 | Match the following :Column I Column II(a) Hypotonic (i) Water(b) Hypertonic (ii) Sucrose(c) Solute (iii) Low tonicity(d) Solvent (iv) High tonicity