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This set of Biology Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Transport in Plants Set 5

Q1 | Stomata of CAM plants (CBSE 2003)
Q2 | Choose the correct combination of labelling in potato osmoscope. (Manipal PMT 2004)
Q3 | Stomata open during day time due to (Wardha 2005)
Q4 | In tall trees water is absorbed due to (Manipal 2005, Guj. CET 2011)
Q5 | Which one is responsible for opening of stomata ? (Guj. CET 2006)
Q6 | Cell wall shows (Manipur 2007)
Q7 | Starch of guard cells is converted into PEP through. (Guj. CET 2008)
Q8 | Energy source responsible for upward flow of water is (COMED K’s -2008)
Q9 | Guard cells regulate (Orissa 2008, CBSE 2009)
Q10 | Most water flow in root occurs via apoplast as (AMV 2009)
Q11 | Major loss of water in transpiration occurs through (MHT, CET 2009)
Q12 | A negative effect of transpiration is (Guj. CET 2010)
Q13 | What causes opening of stomata (Guj. CET 2010)
Q14 | Whose water potential is less than water potential of root hair during water absorption by root hair. (Guj. CET 2011)
Q15 | Tracheids are less efficient than vessels due to (MHT, CET 2011)
Q16 | The space between plasma membrane and cell wall of a plasmolysed cell surrounded by a hypertonicsolution is occupied by (KCET 2011)
Q17 | The process by which water is absorbed by solids like colloids causing them to increase in volume is
Q18 | Sotmatal opening is influenced by
Q19 | 2% Nacl as compared to 18% glucose solution is
Q20 | Water absorption by root hairs occurs untill (COMED-K’s 2010)
Q21 | Which pathway involves cell wall and inter cellular spaces ? (COMED-K’s 2010)
Q22 | Glucose is not stored in plants due to its effect in
Q23 | Match the columns :I II(a) Diffusion (1) Hydrophilic substances(b) Osmosis (2) Shrinkage of protoplasm(c) Imbibation (3) Semipermiable membrane(d) Plasmolysis (4) Free movement of ions and gases
Q24 | What does A and B indicate in the diagram ?
Q25 | What does A and B indicate in the diagram ?