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This set of Biology Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Transport in Plants Set 4

Q1 | Wilting appears due to excessive. (MP PMT 1989, RPMT 2000, AFMC 2001, Pb. PMT 2001)
Q2 | Transpiration is regulated by movement of (JIMER 2004)
Q3 | Rate of transpiration is reduced with (CPMT 1987, MPPMT 1999)
Q4 | In terrestrial habitats, temperature and railfall conditions are influenced by (CBSE 1989)
Q5 | Conversion of starch to organic acids is required for (CBSE 1992)
Q6 | Element involved in stomatal regulation its opening and closing is(CPMT 1989, 2004, Kerala 2000, Manipal 2001, Pb. PMT 2001, Uttrakhant 2001, DPMT 2002, Wardha 2003, 2011, AMU 2005)
Q7 | In guard cells when sugar is converted into starch, the stomatal pore (CBSE 1997)
Q8 | Water will be absorbed by root hairs when the externael medium is (JIPMER 1986, AFMC 1993)
Q9 | Root hairs occur in the zone of (Kerala 2003)
Q10 | Path of water movement from soil to xylem is (CPMT 1989, Kerala 2008)
Q11 | Water in plants is transported by or ascent of sap takes place through (BHU 1991, DPMT 1987, CPMT 1983, 1996, MHTCET 2009)
Q12 | Water rises in the stem due to (RPMT 2000)
Q13 | The principal pathway of water translocation in angiospermis is (CBSE 1990)
Q14 | Which contributes most to the transport of water from soil to the leaves of a tree ? (CPMT 1989, MPPMT 1989)
Q15 | Cohesive force of water is due to (EAMCET 1989, EPMT 2005)
Q16 | Diffusion of water through selectively permeable membrane is (CPMT 1993)
Q17 | A higher plant cell covered with cutin and suberin is placed in water, after 15 minutes, the cell (BHU 1993)
Q18 | Plant cell kept in hypertonic solution will get (MPPMT 1994)
Q19 | The movement of free atoms from higher concentration to lower concentration is called. (RPMT 1995)
Q20 | Plasmolysis is due to (CPMT 1995)
Q21 | Cotton fibres dipped in water absorb water through (RPMT 1996)
Q22 | With rise in turgidity, wall pressure will (CBSE 1997)
Q23 | Root pressur is due to (MPPMT 1993, Har. PMT 2003, Orissa 2011)
Q24 | Adding solute to pure water will cause development of (MPPMT 2001)
Q25 | Rate of transpiration is highest when (JKCMEE 2000)