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This set of Biology Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Transport in Plants Set 1

Q1 | What happens in this figure ?
Q2 | A .......... force exists between the walls of xylem vessels and water.
Q3 | The process by which water is forcibly pushed beyond endodermis of root is known as ......... .
Q4 | By which type of transpiration largest amount of water is lost ?
Q5 | The value of osmotic pressure depends on .......... .
Q6 | If the external solution is more dilute than the cytoplasm is known as .......... .
Q7 | Membrane protein is responsible for transport of
Q8 | The +ve value of ? P is called ..........
Q9 | What happens in this figure ?
Q10 | In older dying leaves to younger leaves the mineral ions are assimilated into .......... .
Q11 | Which elements are readily mobilized in plants ?
Q12 | In term of fixing CO2, C4 plants are .......... efficient as C3 plants.
Q13 | When a cell is placed in 0.50M concentrated sugar solution, there is no change in it. So the external solution is called .......... .
Q14 | The pressure that prevails in cell due to number of substances dissolved in cell sap is .......... .
Q15 | The plasmolysed cells regain turgidity and assume original volume under infuence of hypotonic solution. The process is called
Q16 | An animalcell placed in pure water will
Q17 | Passage of water across a selectively permeable membrane is
Q18 | Seeds placed in water imbibe the water becasue of
Q19 | In thistle funnel experiment, entry of water into thistle funnel stops after some time automatically due to
Q20 | In plants the process in which loss of water occurs in form of water vapour is
Q21 | Stomatal aperature is surrounded by guard cells and opens when guard cells are
Q22 | Stomatal frequency indicates.
Q23 | In dorsiventral leaf, the number of stomata per unit area are generally.
Q24 | In isobilateral leaf, the number of stomata per unit area are.
Q25 | The loss of water in form of water drops is called.