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This set of Biology Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Respiration Set 2

Q1 | The metal ion present in cytochromes is
Q2 | CO2 release occurs in
Q3 | R.Q. stands for
Q4 | R.Q. of carbohydrates is
Q5 | R.Q. of anaerobic respiration is
Q6 | When amount of CO2 taken from atmosphere (in photosynthesis) becomes equal to the amount of CO2 released in atmosphere (in respiration), this is called
Q7 | Alternative pathway for respiration is
Q8 | Which of the following processes is common for aerobic and anaerobic respiration
Q9 | Anaerobic respiration is also called
Q10 | How many ATP are formed during dephosphorylation in glycolysis ?
Q11 | R.Q. of oxalic acid is
Q12 | Which process occurs in cytosol ?
Q13 | Synthetic processes of a cell comes under
Q14 | Degradation processes of a cell are referred under
Q15 | Pyruvic acid is
Q16 | CH3CHO is
Q17 | CH3CH2OH represents
Q18 | Respiratory substances are
Q19 | For aerobic respiration, it is essential
Q20 | Acetaldehyde is formed from pyruvic acid, if it is removed
Q21 | Respiration type occurring in human red blood corpuscles is
Q22 | Yeast
Q23 | The end product of glycolysis of a glucose molecule is
Q24 | The enzyme required to form acetaldehyde from pyruvic acid is
Q25 | Phosphorylation in general is ________