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This set of Biology Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Reproductive Health Set 4

Q1 | Which one of the following is the most widely accepted method of contraception in india at present? (CBSE PMT-2011)
Q2 | Saheli is (Kerala PMT-2011)
Q3 | Respiration is (Grujarat GET Q.B.)
Q4 | Metabolism involves
Q5 | Organisms obtain energy through
Q6 | Respirations is a
Q7 | During respiration the food is
Q8 | Which of the following is a main respiratory substrate in animals
Q9 | During the formation of ATP from ADP, which is released
Q10 | Respiration is found in
Q11 | Respiratory substrate is completely oxidised in
Q12 | In which of the following types of respiration, the amount of energy released is comparatively more
Q13 | Fermentation occurs in the
Q14 | First stage in respiration is
Q15 | Glucose is converted to pyruvic acid in
Q16 | Number of pyruvic acid molecules formed in glycolysis is (Gujarat GET Q.B.)
Q17 | Number of carbons present in a pyruvic acid t molecule is
Q18 | Glycolysis occurs in (Gujarat GET Q.B)
Q19 | Number of oxygen molecules used in glycolysis
Q20 | Number of CO2 molecules produced in glycolysis is
Q21 | In respiration, final acceptor of protons is :
Q22 | Which is not formed during anaerobic respiration ?
Q23 | ADP combines with inorganic phosphate (Pi) to give
Q24 | Dihydroxy acetone phosphate is a
Q25 | Number of ATPs consumed in glycolysis are