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This set of Biology Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Reproductive Health Set 2

Q1 | What do you mean induced abortion ?
Q2 | What is the rate of induced abortion per year across the world in numbers ?
Q3 | Which are the problems related to the legal induced abortions ?
Q4 | When did Induced abortion act was passed by Indian Government ?
Q5 | When did 'Induced abortion act' came in to force by Government of India ?
Q6 | In which of the following Induced Abortion is not neccessory ?
Q7 | What are sexually trasmitted diseases ?
Q8 | Which microbes causes sexually transmitted diseases ?
Q9 | How many pathogenss cause sexually trasmitted diseases through contacts ?
Q10 | Match following coloumns according to thair age group and amount of sexually transmitted diseases.Column-I Column-II(P) 15-19 (i) medium / moderate(Q) 20-24 (ii) less(R) 25-29 (iii) very less(S) 30-34 (iv) more
Q11 | Which microbes cause gonorrhoead ?
Q12 | Which microbes cause syphilis ?
Q13 | Which are the main method for the diagnosis of STDS ?
Q14 | Which diseases is diagnosed through ELISA Test ?
Q15 | Which diseases is diagnosed by the identification of antibiodies against antigen ?
Q16 | Give full form of ELISA ?
Q17 | What is the full form of PCR ?
Q18 | Which are the principles to prevent STD diseases ?
Q19 | Out of following which is the symptom of Trichomoniasis ?
Q20 | Which procedure is used in prenatal diagnosis of chromosomal abnormalities ?
Q21 | Which method is used to detect the gender of the foetus ?
Q22 | Which method is mismatchen ART ?
Q23 | What is the meaning of infertility ?
Q24 | Full name of GIFT is....
Q25 | Where does IVF method is useful ?