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This set of Biology Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Reproduction in Organisms Set 5

Q1 | The production of new plant from the maternal plant is called. (CPMT=2003)
Q2 | Which of the following plant reproduces by leaf ? (DPMT-2003)
Q3 | Pollen tube enters the embryo sac through (AIIMS-2004)
Q4 | Grafting is impossible in monocot-because (UTTRANCHAL PMT-2004)
Q5 | If vegetative growth of the plant takes place but flower production does not occur-then what couldbe the reason for this?
Q6 | What is the name of the technique for the production of large number of top?
Q7 | Where does the culture of haploid pollen grain is useful in plant breeding?
Q8 | Haploid plants are obtained by culture of-
Q9 | Which of the following is associated with vegetative reproduction?
Q10 | With the help of which quick cell division could be induced?
Q11 | Which auxin is used in callus and suspension culture technique in general?
Q12 | Which of the following animal shows longitudinal binary fission?
Q13 | Identify the mis-match statement regarding post fertilization events from the following statements.
Q14 | What type of fruit will be produced by fixing the stock of sour juice producing branch on scion ofplant having sweet branch?
Q15 | How man eggs will be formed from an ovary of a woman,in absence implantation of an embryo?
Q16 | Which tissue is required to be present in between stock and scion during grafting?
Q17 | Where does maturity is observed in the sporophytic stage of the plants?
Q18 | If primary spermetocyte have 2n=16 chromosomes during first meiotic division,in such case how many chromatids could be present in each secondary spermatocyte?
Q19 | According to WHO, reproductive health means a total well-being in all aspects of reproduction like..
Q20 | What is the rank of India to kick off action plans and programs at national level to get total reproductivehealth as a social goal ?
Q21 | What are the programs called to get total reproductive health as a social goal of national level ?
Q22 | When was family planning initiated ?
Q23 | By which name family planning is currently popular ?
Q24 | What are the major tasks under reprouctive and child health care programs ?
Q25 | Which are the media to bring awarness about reproductive and child health care programs ?