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This set of Biology Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Reproduction in Organisms Set 2

Q1 | Which type of division happens in Euglena ?
Q2 | Other than Euglena, which of the following organism divides by longitudinal division ?
Q3 | In which method of asexual reproduction the offspring's are genetically identical,to the parents ?
Q4 | Non-motile and non-flagellate spores are commonly seen in which plants ?
Q5 | The plants which bears only one kind of spores during Sporophytic, stage are known as ........
Q6 | The plants which bears only two types of hetero spores during Sporophytic stage is known as.........
Q7 | Which type of spores are produce by pteridophytes and gymnosperms ?
Q8 | How does vegetative reproduction takes place in flowering plants ?
Q9 | Which of the following pair is incorrect ?
Q10 | Which of the following Plant shows root cutting ?
Q11 | In Which plant stem is used for vegetative propagation of the plant ?
Q12 | In which of the following organism, internal bud formation is seen ?
Q13 | What are Internal buds known as ?
Q14 | Which method of asexual reproduction can be said as method of regeneration ?
Q15 | Which of the following group of animals show regeneration ?
Q16 | Which asexual reproduction process is seen in bacteria?
Q17 | For which plants layering method of vegetative propagation is used ?
Q18 | What do a stock have ?
Q19 | Grafting is useful for production of......
Q20 | Which gametes take part in sexual reproduction ?
Q21 | During which phase an living organism becomes sexually mature ?
Q22 | In plants, the phase from germination to grow till its maturity is known as ?
Q23 | Which phase of conjugation is impossible in gametes ?
Q24 | Two gametes having similar appearance are called as.....
Q25 | In which plants isogametes are seen?