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This set of Biology Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Reproduction in Organisms Set 1

Q1 | What types of chromosomes are always present in gametes ?
Q2 | Which physiological process is necessary for birth, growth, death, production of offspring and forcontinuity of the species ?
Q3 | In which type of reproduction single parent is essential for reproduction ?
Q4 | In which type of reproduction two individual of opposite sex are essential ?
Q5 | In which type of organism asexual reproduction is seen ?
Q6 | How does Amoeba reproduce ?
Q7 | What are ciliated spore ?
Q8 | Non-flagellate spores are called conidia ? In which organism they are seen ?
Q9 | Which animals reproduce by exogenous budding ?
Q10 | Which animal reproduce by multiple fission ?
Q11 | In which metohd of asexual reproduction the division of cytoplasm is not possible ?
Q12 | During which process cyst is formed ?
Q13 | In which method pseudopodiospores are formed ?
Q14 | In which organism other than amoeba,sporulation is seen ?
Q15 | In which animal,formation of exogenous budding takes place from parent body ?
Q16 | Which special method of reproduction is found on Nephrolepis ?
Q17 | Which of the following is not a natural method of vegetative reproduction ?
Q18 | How many chromosomes are there in meiocyte of Apple ?
Q19 | In which animal conjugation occurs as a sexual reproduction ?
Q20 | Devlopment of zygote taking place outside the body is called ?
Q21 | By which asexual reproductive method do Dictyota, Fucus and Yeast reproduces ?
Q22 | Which algae reproduce by fragmentation ?
Q23 | In which plants motile ciliated spores are produced during spore formation ?
Q24 | What divides first during the method of fission ?
Q25 | In Amoeba, the plane of cytoplasmic division is in which direction ?