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This set of Biology Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Photosynthesis Set 4

Q1 | In young leaves ratio of carotene to Xanthophyll is ____.
Q2 | Which of the following pigments contains open pyrolle ring?
Q3 | In which of the following light, rate of photosynthesis is maximum?
Q4 | Quantum yield of photosynthesis is ______.
Q5 | During light phase of photosynthesis ______ is oxidized and ______ is reduced.
Q6 | During dark phase of photosynthesis ______ is oxidized and ______ is reduced
Q7 | The visible product of photosynthesis is ______.
Q8 | To produce 3 glucose molecules ______ ATP and ______ NADPH2 molecules are required.
Q9 | Glycolytic reversal is a part of ______.
Q10 | RuBp carboxylase acts as RuBp carboxygenase at ______ CO2 conc. And ______ O2 conc.
Q11 | The source of CO2 during calvin cycle in C4 plant is
Q12 | Dicot which follow C4 pathway is____.
Q13 | Absorption spectrum of chlorophyll is maximum in _____ light.
Q14 | The oxygen molecule in glucose formed during photosynthesis comes from
Q15 | Dimorphic chloroplast are present in ______.
Q16 | Red pigment in tomato is
Q17 | Solarisation refers to ______.
Q18 | Dark reaction requires light reaction for
Q19 | Emerson effect proves
Q20 | Name a plant which do not perform photosynthesis is
Q21 | Light reaction of photosynthesis results in formation of ______.
Q22 | C55H70O6N4 Mg is
Q23 | The ionized chl.a+
Q24 | In Calvin cycle,
Q25 | What will happen to the rate of photosynthesis if sodium bicarbonate is added in the water having hydrilla plant in a beaker