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This set of Biology Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Organism and Population Set 3

Q1 | From the given option find out the correct pair ?
Q2 | Mathc column I with column IIColumn - I Column - II1. Mutualism (p) Barnacles2. Competition (q) Tiger3. Predation (r) Mites4. Parasitism (s) Sea anemone
Q3 | Give correct option for the given true and false statements(i) Some insects, birds and mammals living in warm and dry climate have more darker black pigments than the races of same species living in cold and humid climate.(ii) Tempreture variation is much lesser in aquatic habitat compared to terrestrial habitat(iii) In deep fresh water lakes, there is gradual incrase in tempreture from surface to the bottem(iv) In an aquatic habitat production increases with insing depth. (T =True, F = False)
Q4 | ‘X’ is an example of Mutualism and ‘Y’is an example of succession then which is the correct realtionship ?
Q5 | At ‘t’ time, population density is ‘N’ and at t+1 time population density is Nt+1/If Nt+1 - Nt then find out the correct option
Q6 | Which of the following is not included as the climax community of general processof succession ?
Q7 | How mandy sq. km. area of biosphere is occupied by marine habitat. ?
Q8 | Whats percentage of earth is occupied by marine habitat ?(1) 71% (2) 4 % (3) 67% (4) 29%
Q9 | What is the composition of soil with high waterlogging capicity ?
Q10 | Recently a village was badly affected by jaundice and Dengue,which of the following will decrease due to this ?
Q11 | Which is related to the given statement ? In the begining of summer crow and koel lays eggs.
Q12 | Population of CBM Village year wise ........2000 -----> 10002005 -----> 4002010 -----> 6002012 -----> 800what will be the appropri/ate graph for this ?
Q13 | What is correct for the given statement ?Statement X : Ascaris are permanent parasitesStatement Y : Ascaris lives inside the host’s body
Q14 | Depending on the study of bird population in diffrent areas of North Gujarat for last 10 years (2000 -2010) In which month population of bird is least ?
Q15 | Which is the correct option for the given table ?write ‘T’ if the given ecample is correct and ‘F’ forwrong exampleInformation ExampleBreed only once BambooBreeds many time Birds like pigeon, MammalsSmall sized but many offsprings Pray Birdsless in number but big size offsprings Only deep marine shishes
Q16 | Biological control as pest control in agriculture is an example of .....
Q17 | The turtle of Galapagus island and the goats living there both were eating tender grass, state the relationship.
Q18 | carrying capicity of a population is determind by (BHU 2001)
Q19 | Biotic community means.... [CBSC, PMT - 2001]
Q20 | What is true for the members of same species [CBSC, PMT - 2002]
Q21 | The name Melvin Calvin is associated with
Q22 | Who gave chemical compositions of chlorophyll and carotenoids ?
Q23 | The non-polar part of chlorophyll is
Q24 | The approximate dimension of chlorophyll porphyrin ring is.
Q25 | Photosynthesis is most active in