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This set of Biology Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Locomotion and Movement Set 3

Q1 | Where cardiac muscle is present ?
Q2 | How many vertebrae are in found adult human ?
Q3 | Which are the three type of muscle found in human ?
Q4 | Which of the following is not true ?
Q5 | Which of the following pair is improper ?
Q6 | Which of the following pair is improper ?
Q7 | Make correct pairs from the column - I and column - II.Column I Column - II(P) Cervical vertebrae (i) 4(Q) Thoracic vertebrae (ii) 5(R) Lumbar vertebrae (iii) 7(S) Sacrum vertebrae (iv) 12(T) Coccygeal vertebrae (iv) 5
Q8 | Make proper pairs.Column -I Column - II(P) Red muscle (i) Muscle of eye ball(Q) White muscle (ii) Flight muscle of bird(R) Immovable joint (iii) In-between humerus and(S) Synovial joint (iv) Bones of skull
Q9 | Make correct pairs from the column -I and column - II.Column -I Column - II(P) Skull bone (i) Two curves(Q) Vertebral column (ii) Second vertebrae(R) Carpals (iii) 22(S) Axis (iv) 08(T) Clavicle (iv) four curves
Q10 | Make proper pairs.Column -I Column - II(P) F- actin (i) Facial bone(Q) Ethmoid (ii) Myosin(R) ATPase (iii) Polymerize protein(S) Lacrymal bone (iv) Bones of skull
Q11 | Whaich is the smallest bone of fore limb ? (CPMT- 2002)
Q12 | In which bone triangular acromion is present ? (CPMT- 2002)
Q13 | Humerus bone is found : (DPMT- 1985)
Q14 | Hinge joint occurs between : (CPC - 2003 )
Q15 | Total numbers of vertebrae in human skeleton. (JIMERT 2002)
Q16 | Number of bones present in an arm is : (AFMC - 2004 )
Q17 | Ribs are attached to : (Wardha- 2001 )
Q18 | In humans, coccyx is formed by the fusion of vertebrae (NCERT- 1978)
Q19 | What is formed by the bones of pectoral girdle, pelvic girdle and limbs ? (CPMT- 1987)
Q20 | Number of floting ribs in human body is : (JIMER- 2000)
Q21 | Ankle joint is : (Pb.P.M.T- 1997)
Q22 | Sarcomere is distance between : ( BHU-2001, CBSE- 2004, RPMT- 2002)
Q23 | Which is the skull bone ? (CBSE- 1998)
Q24 | How many bones are there in appendicular skeleton ? (BV - 2003)
Q25 | Where is hinge joint found ? (APMEE- 2002)