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This set of Biology Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Locomotion and Movement Set 1

Q1 | Which muscle does not fatigue and possesses abundant blood supply during life span ?
Q2 | Which muscle possesses multinucleate structure (Syncytium) ?
Q3 | By which name's isotropic and anisotropic band respectively known ?
Q4 | Which line is located in the center of H region ?
Q5 | The space between two successive Z-band is known as.....
Q6 | Which band is called krause membrane ?
Q7 | The functional unit of skeleton muscle is called as......
Q8 | What is the name of rod shaped fibrous protein ?
Q9 | Which are two forms of actin fiber ?
Q10 | What the is name of complex, small globular protein ?
Q11 | Which is the essential mineral element for muscle contraction ?
Q12 | Which is essetial for transmission of messages ?
Q13 | Which chemical is envolved duribg anaerobic respiration of glycogen of muscle ?
Q14 | Which chemical is responsible to make skeleton muscle fatigue ?
Q15 | Which is/are the type of skeleton muscle ?
Q16 | In which muscle amount of myoglobin is high ?
Q17 | Which muscle is known as an aerobic muscle ?
Q18 | The study of skeleton system is called as......
Q19 | By which tissue skeleton system is made up of ?
Q20 | How many bones are present in the struture of skeleton system of human ?
Q21 | What is included in axial skeleton ?
Q22 | What is included in the structure of skull ?
Q23 | How many bones, the skull is made of ?
Q24 | How many flat bones are present in a cranium ?
Q25 | Who makes the floor of the buccal cavity ?