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This set of Biology Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Human Reproduction Set 6

Q1 | The semini ferous tubules of the testies are lined bye the germinal epithelium consisting... (CPMT 1999, Orrissa-Jee 2011)
Q2 | Sperms cells are produced in (Orrissa-Jee 2008)
Q3 | In the absence of acrosome the sperm _______. (Kcet 2010)
Q4 | If after ovulation no pregnancy result the corpus luteum (MP PMT 1990)
Q5 | How many secondary spermatocyte will be required to form 400 spermatozoans. (MP PMT 2006)
Q6 | In oogenesis diploid cell produce _______ ovum. (Orrissa-Jee 2008)
Q7 | The process of delivery of the foetus is called (Kerala-PMT 2010)
Q8 | What is important character of all living organism ?
Q9 | Which is not a example of movement in human ?
Q10 | By which Amoeba, Paramoecium and Hydra respectively indicate movement ?
Q11 | Which are the example of autonomous movement in organism ?
Q12 | By which process performs plant movement its parts ?
Q13 | What are the main aims of locomotion in animal ?
Q14 | What is not included in the type of the movement in organisms ?
Q15 | Who shows amoeboid movement ?
Q16 | In which of the following cilliary movment can be seen ?
Q17 | From which germinal layer muscle tissue origins ?
Q18 | What percent of the total body weight of an adult humans is made up of muscle ?
Q19 | Which are characteristic properties of muscles ?
Q20 | How many type of muscles in living organisms
Q21 | Which types of muscles are present in organisms ?
Q22 | Which muscle is controlled by autonomous nervous system ?
Q23 | Which muscle is controlled by sympathetic nervous system ?
Q24 | Which muscle is present in digestive track, reproductive track and respiratory track ?
Q25 | Which band is present in Cardiac muscle ?