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This set of Biology Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Human Reproduction Set 4

Q1 | In oogenesis which cell body are concentrated in cytoplasm of primary oocyte of the growth phase ?
Q2 | In oogenesis which cells are produced at the first division of primary oocyte in maturation phase ?
Q3 | Which stage of cell at the time of ovulation.
Q4 | When sperm penetrate secondary oocyte during its unequal meioticdivision, how many polar body(bodies) is are produced ?
Q5 | The events of the menstrual cycle are the cyclic changes in the....
Q6 | The events of menstrual cycle are comprised of .... days.
Q7 | In menstrual cycle which period is known as menstrual phase ?
Q8 | Which period is of the cycle is known as a proliferative phase ?
Q9 | In menstrual cycle on which day ovulation occurs ?
Q10 | In menstrual cycle during which days rising estrogen levels ?
Q11 | In menstrual cycle on which days rises progesterone levels ?
Q12 | The sperms emptied in the vagina start moving towards oviducts through the uterus which is helpfulin their locomotion
Q13 | What time is taken by the sperm emptied in vagina, to move toward uterus ?
Q14 | In fertilization which part of sperm enters the secondary oocyte ?
Q15 | After fertilization which changes prevents entry of other sperms in to the oocytes.
Q16 | When fertilized ovum is convert into zygote ?
Q17 | During movement of zygote into oviduct the division of zygote in 2 to 16 daughter cells. This process called
Q18 | The division of it forms in to 16 daughter cells..called....
Q19 | The embryo with 16 cells is called........
Q20 | What time period is required to form blastocyst ?
Q21 | The fluid within the blastocyst is formed by the cells of _______ ?
Q22 | Which cells secrete the enzymes for make implantation of embryo possible ?
Q23 | In human normally what is the period of pregnancy ?
Q24 | The fertilized ovum during the first 12 weeks is called _______.
Q25 | In humans after implantation what is the elaborate projection developed from trophoblast called ?