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This set of Biology Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Human Health and Diseases Set 3

Q1 | Match the column I & IIColumn-I Column-II(P) Marijuana (i) It’s stimulatory(Q) LSD (ii) Hallucinogenation(R) Barbiturate (iii) Fever with shivering(S) Amphitamine (iv) Give pleasure(T) Cocain (v) It dilates pupil
Q2 | A - Uncontrolled cell division means cancerR - Cancer is caused by rays of U.V.
Q3 | A - The number of WBC decreases in leukemiaR - Leukemia means blood cancer
Q4 | A - Barbiturates is a synthetic drug which gives pleasure.R - By taking barbiturates the adrenalin increase in blood.
Q5 | A - Macrophage act as a factory of HIVR - Macrophage continuosly produces molecules of HIV
Q6 | A - Human is first host of filarial wormR - Filarial worm is viviparous
Q7 | Which one is Right for X & Y ?X - Marijuana is obtained from cannabis sativa.Y - By using of this kind of drug pupil gets dilated & level of suger rises in blood.
Q8 | Which one is Right for X & Y ?X - In tobaco only Nicotine is present.Y - Nicotine stimulates adrenal gland.
Q9 | Which one is correct for X & Y ?X - Rhino Virus cause common cold.Y - It infects nose, respiratory passage & lungs.
Q10 | Which one is correct for X, Y & Z ?X - Trophozoite is formed in RBC.=Y - Haemoglobin is broken down by haemozoine.Z - In RBC merozoite converted into gamatocyte.
Q11 | Which one is correct sentence for X, Y & Z ?X - The period between 12-18 years of a child is known as adolescene.Y - In Adolescene period they become addict & escape from facing problems.Z - To remove this bad habit of taking drugs & alcohol, there should be propogation through newspaper, films, internet, television.
Q12 | Which one is correct for X, Y & Z ?X - The excess response of the immune system to certain antigens present in the environment is called allergy.Y - Allergies take place due to the release of chemicals like serotonin & histamine from mast cells.Z - Adlrenalin like medicine quickly reduce the symptoms of allergy.
Q13 | Select correct opption for the given statements.Statement X - Carrier of HIV virus person appeares Healthy.Statement Y - Bodyache lasting over four weeks in ARC.Statement Z - Loss of body weight by 10% without any reason occurs in the AIDS at the final stage.
Q14 | Statement X :- If antibodies fight against antigen in immunity it’s called Humoral immune response. Statement Y :- Antibodies found in blood.
Q15 | In which country plant given in diagram appear ?
Q16 | Which Kind of Sedative chemical is obtained from given plant ?
Q17 | Which one is right for given sentence X, Y & Z ?X - Amphetamitcs is a stimulating pill.Y - Barbiturates gives pleasure to the person which is natural medicine.Z - Hashish & Cannabis are obtained from female flowers of plant.
Q18 | Which Host is indicated by region labbled as "a", "b", "c" in the given diagram?
Q19 | Which one is responsible of the disease from the given figure
Q20 | The life cycle of Anopheles mosquito is given in figure. So what indicates “P” from it ?
Q21 | Give the name P, Q, R from given figure
Q22 | Give the correct sentences.(i) Passive immunity - Antibody are directly introduces in body(ii) Lactation - Secretion of yellowish fluid colostrums(iii) Hepatitis B - Made from fungi(iv) Histamine - Produce from Heparin
Q23 | Which one is responsible for doing disease shown in figure ?
Q24 | From given diagram identify virus then give the name of sugar in structure of nucleic acid ?
Q25 | Which kind of drug are obtained from given plant ?