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This set of Biology Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Heredity and Variation Set 2

Q1 | ) First generation after a cross is
Q2 | ) In humans , height shows a lot of variation . It is an example of
Q3 | Meiosis produce 4 daughter cells but each daughter cell differ from one another because of
Q4 | In T. H. Morgan"s Experiment on Drosophilia what will be the result when F1 female flies are crossed with double recessive male files ?
Q5 | which cross yielded a ratio of 7:1 :1:7 ?
Q6 | When there is no Possibility of independent assortment of genes during gametogenesis then What Will be the real ratio of F2 in dihybrd cross?
Q7 | What is incorrect statement Gynandromorphs ?
Q8 | What is Barr body ?
Q9 | What is called Free martin ?
Q10 | Out of the following , Find out the reason for occurrence of free martin in cattles ?
Q11 | In this group of plants male is heterogametic and female is homogametic type
Q12 | Name the Plant possessing two X chromosomes
Q13 | State the mutant gene Which converts the male flowers into female flowers In Maize plant
Q14 | By which gene sex is determind in Spinach ?
Q15 | Which factor in nature causes discontinuous Variation in a population ?
Q16 | This is reversal of mutation
Q17 | Which condition among the following is lethal ?
Q18 | State the cause of Philadelphia syndrome
Q19 | which statement is incorrect regarding gene mutation
Q20 | What happens to excessive phenylalanine accumulation in the blood of phenylketonuria patient ?
Q21 | Name the enzyme needed for the following biochemical reaction Tyrosine ???? enzyme Melanin
Q22 | Which is very common method to study Human Karyotype ?
Q23 | Name the disorder caused by trisomy of sex chromosomes.
Q24 | Match the following :-_ans_key_Column I Column II_ans_key_1. Genetics a. Father of genetics_ans_key_2. W.Bateson b. To become_ans_key_3. "Gen" c. Coined the term genetics_ans_key_4. Gregor Johann Mendel d. Study of heredity
Q25 | Match the following_ans_key_Column I Column II_ans_key_1. Johansen a. Coined the term gene_ans_key_2. Mendel b. Crossing over in drosophila_ans_key_3. T. H. Morgan c. Linkage in lathyrus odoratus_ans_key_4. Bateson & punnett d. Law of segregation