Excretory Products and their elimination Set 5

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This set of Biology Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Excretory Products and their elimination Set 5

Q1 | Lungs expel (MH 2005)
Q2 | The glomenuli are continued to the (CPMT 88)
Q3 | The kidney of adult mammals are (MP PMT 99)
Q4 | A kidney stone is (CPMT 88, Manipal 05)(Kerala 2003)
Q5 | Which of the following is both osmoregulator as well as nitrogenours product (DPMT 07)
Q6 | which of these is not a keton body (CPMT 04)
Q7 | Maximum reabsorption of useful substance occurs in the region of nephron:
Q8 | Excertory organs of cockroach are (Kerala PMT 07)
Q9 | Consider the following statement:A. Flame cElls are excretory structures of flat wormsB. Green glands are excetory organs of annelidsC. Columns of Bertini are conial propertions of renal pelvis into renal medulla between the renal pyramids
Q10 | Juxta glomerular cells of renal cortex synthesize a hormone called: (BHV 2007)
Q11 | RAAS secretes which of the following hormones?
Q12 | Which blood vessel carries least ammount of urea? (HAR PMT 2005)
Q13 | Kidney stone are (Kerala PMT 2003)
Q14 | What is the maximum period of growth ?
Q15 | Which apparatus is used for measurement of growth ?
Q16 | Ethylene is responsible for
Q17 | What is the cause of `Bakane’ disease?
Q18 | Which substances are secreted at the apex of plant and they regulates growth of another region ?
Q19 | Which type of growth is seen in plants?
Q20 | Which of the following sustance is not related with initiation of growth ?
Q21 | Which group is correct for the growth inducer hormone ?
Q22 | What is the main origin of cytokinin?
Q23 | Mention the effect of cytokinin
Q24 | Give full form of 2-4-D
Q25 | Which of the following stimulates growth in the internode region ?