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This set of Biology Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Ecosystem Set 3

Q1 | Immature fall of floral bud and fruits are observed in a farm, and on leaves Red and purple pigments spots are observed, In which of following place is Such Symptoms will not be observed in plants
Q2 | who is responsible for the process like, Phosphate Containing Organic compound? Phosphate
Q3 | which of the following eco-system has highest annual primary productivity ?
Q4 | Which of the following is not a functional unit of ecosystem ?
Q5 | Which of the following associations do not establish functional interspeciific association ?
Q6 | Which statement is correct ?
Q7 | It is the type of photosynthesis occurs in most of the plants ?
Q8 | In which of the following alimentory canal, '' starch ? glucosen'' is prodused ?
Q9 | In an ecosystem, Which of the following is unidirectional ?
Q10 | Who is first to receive Phosphate released through leaching in phosphate cycle ?
Q11 | Which of the following is not a pair of Gaseous cycle ?
Q12 | What is indicated by Pyramid of number ?
Q13 | Which of the following has maximun importance (value) in grass- land.
Q14 | Grass ? cow? lion. If productivity of grass is 5000 kg/ Meter/ year. Then What will be theproductivity of lion ? (In general)
Q15 | In which stage of the Decomposition, larger surface area for future decomposition is availabel?
Q16 | In the given chart from carnivores to producer energy level gradually.
Q17 | which of the given option is shows more stable ecosystem ? Producer primary Secondary Tertiary Total consumer consumer consumer
Q18 | which of the following is one of the causes of cancer ?
Q19 | which option is more suitable for x and y ?_ans_key_X : Animal cells possesses mitochondria._ans_key_Y : IN animal cell energy is released when carbohydrates are completely broken .
Q20 | Which of the following stage is possible by the activity of Hetorotrophs ?
Q21 | The herbaceohs plant has 100 gram whight then what would be the average bio-mass of the same ?
Q22 | In the given pyramid of energy which of the following can be placed in first trophic level ?
Q23 | X is structaral unit of economy and y is structra unit of x then ... what is the x and the y ? X Y
Q24 | X is maintained by man, but it is harmful to y ,the x and y are (?) X Y
Q25 | X is included in environmental factors; y is included in ediphic ( soil related) then the x & y is.... X Y